CPC Certification in India (Certified Professional Coder)

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Medical Coding is one of those professions in which if you are certified and you have a active certification then you will get recognized in better way. Having a CPC Certification in India in medical coding adds more value to to your profession. If you hold a CPC Certification in India, it also shows that you have more knowledge and concept in medical coding. CPC certification will also help you in getting high salary job in good company across the world.

What is CPC Certification ?

CPC stands for  ” Certified Professional Coder”. CPC certification exam is conducted by AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders). If a person wants to have a career in medical coding and pursue as medical coder then it becomes very important for him/her to have CPC certification. CPC certification will increase your chances of getting a highly paid job in India and United States as compared to non-certified medical coder. CPC Certification in India

What is AAPC ?

CPC Certification

AAPC stands for American Academy of Professional Coders 


Headquarters locationSalt Lake City, Utah, United States


Why to get Certified ?

After having a CPC certificate as a medical coder, you are enhancing your journey towards an in-demand career within the USA healthcare industry. Medical coding is fastest growing professions. Those who have CPC Certification typically earn 20 percent more than non-certified coders. There is one more reason you should get certified because it will make you trustworthy and will increase your credibility in your own medical coding profession.

PIC Credit :

Where to apply for CPC certificate ?

If you are a medical coder and want to have CPC certificate, you must have working experience of more than two years. Candidates who do not have this experience but pass the exam will be designated as “CPC – Apprentice (CPC-A).”

AAPC is the official body in United States responsible for conducting CPC Certificate examination. Click on below link to reach official page of AAPC to fill you examination form.


  Apply For CPC Certification  

CPC Cost (Examination Fee) :

CPC Certification cost :  $530.00

Also includes one free retake. Additional expenses might vary, depending on the coursework, books, and practice exams you select to prepare for the examination.

CPC Certification




 CPC Certification

  • Payment submitted 3 weeks prior to the exam date if payment for exams is not made prior to exam registration deadline you will not be allowed into the exam.
  • Current membership with the AAPC

To pass the CPC exam, you need to achieve a passing rate of 70 percent or higher. That means you must answer at least 105 questions correctly.


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